Dinke Tsegaw

My Name is Dinke Tsegaw. I was born in Ethiopia and came to the United states when I was 12 years old. At the age of 16 I moved to Alexandria, VA where I started in the cleaning business.

I started working at the Hilton Hotel learning all I could about housekeeping. I worked there for 7 years. From the Hilton I moved to the Sheraton Hotel and worked there for 11 more years in housekeeping. In that time I became a supervisor and gained many positive comments from the patrons. On numerous occasions I created displays that the hotel incorporated into their bathroom layout.

I became a single mother at an early age and with all of the trials and tribulations I faced, I developed a trust in God and that has been the rock that I have lived on to this day. I came to realize that I needed to raise my children in a better environment so I started to look for something different. Soon enough, God sent me to Spotsylvania, VA where he showed me that Word of the Truth Christian Ministry would be my new home. The Reverend Dr. Isaiah Speller would become my Pastor, my brother, my father figure and counselor to me and my children. He encouraged me to follow the dreams that God was showing me: to use the experience I had gained working for two of the largest hotel chains – ultimately leading me to start Dinke’s Cleaning Service.

Dinke’s Cleaning Service is a licensed and bonded company. We live by the service we provide. We guarantee our work. We follow a procedure with each and every home or business we visit. Customer service is our top priority. Most of the business we get is from word of mouth referrals. Our customers are so pleased with our work that they tell their friends and relatives about our company.

Committed to Community

Dinke currently provides monthly cleaning services to a local church.

She has been involved in local charities events though her business network organization called BNI.